A Guide to Understanding the Cannabis Culture

A Guide to Understanding the Cannabis Culture

If you’re a fan of cannabis products, you are likely already familiar with cannabis culture to some degree. If not, cannabis culture is used to describe the shared set of beliefs, ideals, and practices among cannabis enthusiasts. When compared to other cultures, cannabis culture is loose and accepting. As a result, fans of cannabis share a strong bond, whether they are talking about new strains, new products like the best weed odor eliminator, oils, vaping devices, or the potential benefits of various cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

However, there’s much more that goes into the culture surrounding cannabis. Today, we’ll explore cannabis culture through this guide to help you better understand this culture and its participants.

What is cannabis culture?


As mentioned, cannabis culture describes the bond that cannabis enthusiasts share. This culture varies by location but is mostly the same regarding the cannabis user’s attitude toward the cannabis plant and how it can affect their life. Cannabis culture constantly evolves, grows, and adapts to new laws and trends.

Many people around the world that utilize cannabis regularly, whether through CBD products, marijuana bud, or even a THC cartridge, have a sense of inclusion within the culture that helps them to feel a part of something bigger than themselves, whether they realize it or not. As a result, this inclusion can bridge the gap between people of various backgrounds and belief systems in a way that other things just can’t. Cannabis culture isn’t the stereotypical “stoner” from tv and movies. Instead, it’s a collection of like-minded individuals sharing a passion for the many benefits this plant provides.

What is 420?


Most people have at least heard of the term “420,” whether they are a part of cannabis culture or not. The word 420 is slang for consuming cannabis. The expression 420 has become a widespread way to communicate that it’s time to consume cannabis, even internationally. However, the use for 420 varies drastically among people. For example, some people will use it to describe smoking at 4:20 in the afternoon, while others will use it to describe any time they want to consume cannabis. The phrase has become so popular in the cannabis community that April 20th has become a day of celebration for cannabis. In fact, it’s common to find cannabis products, including smoking paraphernalia and even apparel, that features the number 420 in their designs.

There are many stories surrounding the origin of 420. However, most of them share a common theme centered around a group of California teenagers. Some accounts describe them as high school athletes that used 420 as a code to leave and smoke together. On the other hand, other stories will tell them as a group of teenagers that would meet at 4:20 p.m. to search for an abandoned marijuana plant in the local woods. Regardless of which account is accurate, the term didn’t reach global popularity until the band known as The Grateful Dead began using it.

Cannabis culture is a long-standing, global phenomenon.

Cannabis culture has been around for centuries. People from all over the world have utilized cannabis plants for many different reasons and in many different ways. Whether for religious reasons, a form of resistance, for medicinal purposes, or just for fun, this culture is widespread and inclusive. Practically every major country in the world has a cannabis culture, including the United States, Jamaica, India, and many more. Though these varying communities may have some differences in how and why they enjoy cannabis, they all share a common passion through this plant and its many uses.